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Residential Security Specialists.

Welcome to Accurate Security.


For over 20 years, we have been protecting homes and families in Ottawa.

Home invasions occur on average nearly every 3 minutes in Canada. It takes a lifetime to build a home for yourself and your family, but it only takes moments for a criminal to destroy those years of hard work. Let us help you prevent and secure against home invasion and robbery.

While our original goal was to protect Ottawa families from crime, Accurate Security is equally focused on home safety. Our home security systems offer features including fire and smoke alarms, flood alarms, carbon monoxide detection alarms, and more.

Plus, you get the peace of mind of knowing that a representative can be reached 24/7, should you ever need assistance.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to Contact Us.


Need Alarm Monitoring ?

We offer full protection for only $9.99 a month.

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Working for your family.

Each Accurate Home Security System can be customized and tailored to fit your family and home's unique needs.

Here are some of the options we have to offer:

• Our easy to use, wall-mounted digital keypad

• Adjustable motion detector(s) to sense movement in a room up to 2,500 square feet

• Magnetic sensors that trigger the alarm when a door or window is opened

• Ear-piercing 110-decible siren in case of an alarm

• Monitored smoke detector(s) to protect your family and property whether you’re at home or away

• A heat sensor in your furnace room for early fire risk detection

• A low temperature sensor to protect you against frozen pipes if your furnace fails

• 24-hour a day monitoring 365 days a year by Lanvac, a local station with a state-of-the-art Emergency Response Centre


Emergency Response Protocol.

Our Emergency Response Protocol is a guideline for how we respond to your Alarm Situtatons.


Intrusion Alarms

The standard procedure is to verify all alarms by calling the premise. The station operator will allow the phone to ring 6-7 times. (Some answering machines do not pick up until the 6th ring). If the phone is not answered, the authorities will be dispatched.

In these cases a good alternative to Police Authority dispatch is Guard Response Service—after the operator attempts verification at the premise and the phone is not answered guards would be dispatched and the operator would continue calling the listed keyholders to attend.

After the guard attends and it is determined that there is a problem, police attend without further delay because it is a verified intrusion.


If the phone is answered, the operator will ask the person to identify him or herself with a name and a passcode. The passcode will be checked against the list of valid passcodes on the account and specific to the person they are speaking with. If the passcode does not match or is incorrect, the authorities will be dispatched.

The operator will continue to call the rest of the people on the call list to attend to the premises. The alarm is then held for further updates from the authorities and or keyholders attending.


NOTE: This is Accurate's standard procedure for Intrusion Alarms - if you have different requirements please detail on the contract and appropriate dispatch instructions will be entered.

Please note that Ottawa Police requires Accurate Security to attempt verification prior to dispatch in order to reduce false alarms.

NOTE: It is extremely important that customers understand Accurate Security's standard protocol & procedure — all passcode information should be included with the contact list at the time of install and we should be informed when you make any changes to your contacts.

Fire Alarms

The standard procedure is to verify all fire alarms by calling the premise. The station operator will allow the phone to ring 6-7 times (Some answering machines do not pick up until the 6th ring).


If the phone is not answered, the authorities will be dispatched immediately. If the phone is answered, the operator will ask if the Fire Department is required — the operator will also ask for a cause — if there is no reason for the alarm to have gone off the operator will ask the person on site to check the premise to ensure that everything is okay. If the person on site is not sure, the Fire Department will be dispatched to ensure the customer's safety — unless the customer specifically states not to dispatch.

(NOTE: a passcode is not required for fire alarms).

Medical Alarms

The operator will call the premises to verify if this is a false alarm. If the phone is not answered, the operator will dispatch authorities immediately.

The Operator will continue to call all keyholders to advise so a responsible party can gain access to the premise. If contact is made with a keyholder the operator will contact the ambulance service and advise estimated time of arrival (ETA) and who is attending. If contact is not made for a keyholder to attend and the ambulance attendants or paramedics cannot determine if this is a false alarm they may request the police to attend to gain entry to the premise.

Panic Alarms

Pushing a button on a keypad or pendant activates a panic alarm.

In case of panic alarm, the operator shall: • Call premise • If no answer or the operator is not able to verify person on site within one minute, the operator will dispatch Police Department

(NOTE: Accurate Security does not dispatch Guard Service to a Panic Alarm).

• The operator will continue to notify a keyholder to attend with the Police Department • When a keyholder has been contacted the operator will advise the Police Department of the contact name & estimated time of arrival (ETA). • The alarm is then held for 30 minutes for follow-up with keyholder and or authorities.

(NOTE: If a cancel is received with a Panic, it is ignored unless voice contact is made with a person on site and a valid passcode has been given).


(NOTE: If authorities have been dispatched they may not be cancelled - most Police Departments will attend on a PANIC once dispatched. If false alarm fines are incurred they will be the customer's responsibility

Power Loss - Low Battery Alarms

The monitoring station operator will call the premise and/or keyholders between 08:00 - 22:00 Subscriber Time to inform them of power loss to their security system.

If an AC loss and a low battery signal are received from a site, the operator will immediately contact someone at the site, or a keyholder, to advise.



Private Guard Response Alternative.*


Private Guard response is an alternative and a supplement to Police response.

Opting for Private Guard response service means you can save money in the event of false alarms, while enjoying faster response times in non-emergency situations.

You're also helping your neighbours by choosing to relieve some stress on Ottawa's emergency services in non-911 emergency scenarios.

Protocol (How it works for you)

When we receive your intrusion alarm and there is no answer at your home, we offer you double protection.

We can alert our Private Guard Response service—uniformed guards in marked radio dispatch cars for half the price—they respond quickly and work on your behalf only.

Upon arrival on the scene they will perform a thorough perimeter check for you. If there is an actual emergency, Accurate’s Private Guard will dispatch the appropriate authorities, and stand by at your premises for authorities to arrive.

In the event of a panic or hold-up alarm, the police will be dispatched immediately.

In most towns and cities across Canada, False Alarm bylaws exist to help offset the costs of responding to multiple calls at one location which turn out to be false. The majority of these false alarms are caused by user error or pets. False Alarm fines can be easily avoided by choosing our Private Guard response alternative.

* This is an extra charge billed to the customer or automatically charged to your pad. Accurate Security or any of its affiliates are not responsible for any charges incurred by the customer from the guard or police service, whether the alarm is deemed real or false.


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